A release 20 years in the making.
RuneScape on Steam

Today marks the release of the PC edition of RuneScape on the Steam platform. Jagex says that this release followed demand from the Steam Community that saw the game move into the top 40 of Steam's Global Wishlist ranking back in September.

Today's release on Steam includes a whole suite of Steam features. These include Steam achievements, badges, emoticons, and trading cards. There are also some launch-exclusive pieces of content for those that become members because of the Steam release.

Today's Steam release is as free-to-play as any other version of the game. There are some "packs" that will help you to get started on your journey, but they look to be optional in nature.

For gamers taking up RuneScape membership via Steam, launch-exclusive in-game content is now available. Three tiers of membership* offer an amazing deal of discounted membership, unique cosmetics – including a ‘Steam’ Punk Forge Goblin outfit, Forge Goblin Warhammer, and Mechanical Frog pet – and even the RuneScape Orchestral soundtrack is up for grabs.

RuneScape’s launch on Steam comes as part of Jagex’s mission to bring the RuneScape universe to more players around the world as the game approaches its 20th anniversary. In its celebrated lifetime, the RuneScape games have welcomed more than 285 million player accounts and reported its highest-ever player membership numbers this year.

Cross-platform play also enables current players to link their existing RuneScape account to Steam and carry on playing with an existing character, with progress saved across Steam, the desktop client and mobile editions, currently in Early Access for Android users and Closed Beta for iOS players.
There is currently an in-game launch party. You can check that out over at Taverley Docks, which is one of the first areas that new players will encounter.

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