Everything is cooler in black and white.
Mafia DE Noir Mode

Hangar 13 is releasing a new update today for Mafia: Definitive Edition. The update introduces a few fixes for a couple of outstanding issues. In addition to the usual fixes and improvements, Hangar 13 is introducing some new content and options for players to check out during the game. One of these additions is the inclusion of a special Noir Mode.

The Noir Mode will allow players to view the entire game with a vintage black and white look. Noir Mode can be toggled on and off via the in-game options at any point.

This update also includes various custom HUD options for a more immersive experience, if so desired. There is also some mysterious new Free Ride content updates that Hangar 13 is being a bit coy about.

  • Custom HUD Options
    • Use these new options to customize the in-game HUD if, for example, you want to make your explorations of Lost Heaven feel less guided or take a particularly pleasing screenshot:
      • Switch the in-world main objective marker on/off.
      • Switch mini-map enemy markers on/off on all difficulty settings. (Previously enemy markers were always on outside of Classic Mode.)
      • Switch navigation features like turn-by-turn instructions and the mini-map GPS on/off.
      • Enable the new Minimal HUD mode to hide HUD elements including the mini-map, the speedometer, and objective text while playing.
  • Noir Mode
    • Enable Noir Mode to enjoy Mafia: Definitive Edition's gameplay and cinematics with a vintage black-and-white look. Noir Mode can be toggled on and off via the game options screen.
  • Free Ride Content
    • Now that you're off to the races and enjoying Free Ride mode, depending on which vehicle you're driving and where you're driving it, you might find one of a couple new gameplay features that we've added to the mode. We'll leave the specifics for you to discover and hope you fare well in Lost Heaven.
Mafia: Definitive Edition fixes in this update include but are not limited to the following:
  • Addressed a reported issue that sometimes prevented the correct vehicles from unlocking in the player garage upon completion of the optional Lucas Bertone missions. Players who have completed these missions should find the correct vehicles in their garage the next time they start the game.
  • Addressed a reported concern that a special assassination animation sometimes wasn't triggering correctly during the mission "The Saint and The Sinner."
  • Addressed a reported concern that certain cinematics would occasionally show a black screen.