Pew pew in epic space battles.
Star Wars: Squadrons

Today, pilots of all shapes and sizes are preparing for battle. Star Wars Squadrons is out now from EA, Motive Studios, and Lucasfilm. It is a "spaceflight simulation" that includes a first-person dogfighting focused campaign in addition to 5v5 multiplayer battles.

The single player story focus on an alternating perspective between two customizable pilots, one who serves the New Republic and the other who serves the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars: Squadrons supports virtual reality support on both the PlayStation 4 and PC. However, it is not a VR-only game. There is also hands on throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) support on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

In addition to the release of today's game, the official soundtrack from Gordy Haab can be yours across a number of services. You can find the full list of locations where you can stream or download the soundtrack here. Some of the services includes YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others.

Players can start their adventure in Star Wars:Squadrons and develop their piloting skills in a fulfilling single-player story showcasing daring pilots and rival commanders, flying for freedom with the New Republic or upholding the Galactic Empire’s vision of order. At the heart of the story is Project Starhawk — a starship project critical to the New Republic and one the Empire seeks to eliminate. Across multiple missions in a full campaign, players will report to two leaders: Lindon Javes, commander of the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron, and Terisa Kerill, commander of the Galactic Empire’s Titan Squadron, whose deep-seated rivalry will fuel many of the encounters throughout the story.

Star Wars:Squadrons features intense 5v5 multiplayer combat in two key modes, Dogfight and Fleet Battles. In Dogfight, players will work with their squadron to execute the best tactics and destroy as many opponents as possible, while in Fleet Battles, players join their squadron in large scale, strategic back-and-forth battles to demolish opposing flagships. Squadrons will also give players the chance to bring their own personality to their starfighters with customization options that are earned solely through gameplay.(...)

As players earn their stripes and progress in the game, they will be able to collect components including Primary Weapons, Auxiliaries, Countermeasures, Hulls, along with Shields and Engines to fine tune the performance of their starfighters, which can be equipped with up to three passive components and four active components. Star Wars:Squadrons features eight iconic New Republic and Imperial starfighters from four starfighter classes: Fighters, Bombers, Interceptors, and Support ships, with a power management system that allows players to divert power to particular subsystems including engines, lasers or shields to outsmart opponents.

After launch players can expect additional online experiences including daily challenges to earn Glory, an in-game currency earned solely through playing, to unlock starfighter and pilot cosmetics, and Operations, which are 8-week cycles bringing their own set of cosmetic rewards to be earned along with new challenges. Players will also earn experience through play, and as they level up, will unlock Requisition points that can be used to unlock ship components to modify their playstyles.