A unique form of anti-cheat.
Fall Guys

The developers behind Fall Guys just revealed that they implemented a form of anti-cheat into the game unlike most other games. They called it "Cheater Island" and it was a magical place where a bunch of cheaters could all play together in beautiful cheating harmony.

The story was detailed in a series of Twitter posts from the official Fall Guys account. You can read it in its entirety over at Twitter.

In short, Fall Guys had a system that would flag people they believed were cheating. Once they were super sure that the players in question were cheating, they would be allowed to finish the game they were in. After that, they would be only allowed to matchmake against other cheaters. There was no indication to them that they were with other cheaters, and thus "Cheater Island" was born.

Only there was a small problem. Due to how local matchmaking worked, there weren't enough cheaters in specific locations that could matchmake together at the same time in order to actually get a proper cheat-filled match going. Thus cheaters were often met with an "infinite falling" issue. Most just assumed the game was broken when they encountered an infinite falling issue, not realizing they were flagged as cheaters.

Some were able to get around this infinite falling hell by joining a party with their non-cheater friends or by utilizing Family Sharing. That's why Family Sharing for Fall Guys was disabled a little while back.

Eventually, it got to the point where enough cheaters were flagged that a proper game could start. The threshold of 40 cheaters on at once in a region was met. Thus Cheater Island became a more tangible place where matches were actually starting to take place. There was a problem though: It was impossible to say for sure if the footage that made its way to the public was coming from Cheater Island or not. Not even the devs knew for sure.

Sadly, because these videos were being made public, it painted the game in a bad light, even if they were videos coming from Cheater Island. As such, the developer has decided to take down Cheater Island and instead opt for a different solution. For the time being, cheaters are simply unable to log in to the game.

They decided to seek assistance from Epic Games. Going forward, Fall Guys will make use of Epic's Anti-Cheat solution. Theoretically, this means that cheaters will be outright banned instead of being cast off to their own island and server.