Introducing Killjoy.
Valorant - Killjoy

Riot Games revealed that there is a new agent joining the fight in their 5v5 character based FPS, Valorant. When Act II of Valorant begins on August 4, Killjoy will be added in as as selectable agent for you to play as. Killjoy is a German inventor that can "secure key battlefield positions with her arsenal of inventions."

Apparently this includes a bot that can put a debuff on nearby enemies, along with a turret. Yep, she flat out gets a turret that can be deployed at a location and fire in a 180 degree cone. That isn't even her ultimate ability either.

Check out Killjoy's full list of abilities below along with a reveal trailer and some concept art.

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Key Abilities:
  • Alarmbot - EQUIP a covert Alarmbot. FIRE to deploy a bot that hunts down enemies that get in range. After reaching its target, the bot explodes, applying Vulnerable. HOLD EQUIP to recall a deployed bot.
  • Turret - EQUIP a Turret. FIRE to deploy a turret that fires at enemies in a 180 degree cone. HOLD EQUIP to recall the deployed turret.
  • Nanoswarm - EQUIP a Nanoswarm grenade. FIRE to throw the grenade. Upon landing, the Nanoswarm goes covert. ACTIVATE the Nanoswarm to deploy a damaging swarm of nanobots.
  • (Ultimate Ability) - Lockdown - EQUIP the Lockdown device. FIRE to deploy the device. After a long windup, the device Detains all enemies caught in the radius. The device can be destroyed by enemies.