This move follows a delay until August.
SGDQ 2020

Earlier this year, the speedrunning event that raises big amounts of cash for charity, Summer Games Done Quick, made the decision to delay the event until August 2020. This decision was made due to the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that many people seem to think is already over with. Today, the event organizers made another decision that impacts the event and its usual format.

Instead of having a large-scale group event, Summer Games Done Quick 2020 will be held fully online.

SGDQ is usually a packed event where speedrunners and fans from all over the globe travel to a singular location. This year, the event was to be held in Bloomington, MN from August 16-23, 2020. Due to concern over the pandemic, the organizers have instead decided to move the event to being online-only. The organizers will still broadcast the event from their studio, but the speedrunners will perform their runs from their own homes.

The dates for the event have remained unchanged.

Thanks to this change in format, submissions for SGDQ are reopening from June 6-17. This may be done to switch up some streams due to new conflicts that have arisen in the wake of this format change. It may also allow some who could not previously attend in person to share their run with the world.

Full details about this change in format can be found at the Games Done Quick website.

Games Done Quick has been actively monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19. As we prioritize the health and safety of everyone who attends GDQ events, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the on-site portion of Summer Games Done Quick 2020 and instead proceed with an online-only event, called Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online.

What This Means For Everyone
Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online will not feature a live event in Minnesota. Instead, we will move the event to online-only, broadcasting the event from our studio with participants performing speedruns from the safety of their homes.

SGDQ2020 Online, benefiting Doctors Without Borders, will maintain our previously announced dates, broadcasting live from August 16-23, 2020 starting at 11:30 AM Eastern on