The fifth and final episode is ready to give you some scares.
Song of Horror Episode 5

The fifth and final chapter for the episodic Song of Horror is now available on Steam. Not only does this mark the release of the final episode for the game, but it also marks the end of a development that began back in 2014 for Protocol Games. This episode will connect everything that you have experienced thus far through the first four episodes.

In addition to the final episode, The Horror and the Song, Protocol Games also added a new game mode. This mode now allows you to play without the fear of permanently losing one or all of your characters to death. This new mode is called "E.T.A. Hoffmann" after the gothic author. It's a new difficulty option that players can select. Players will be able to choose another character or even restart from the last checkpoint when a character dies.

Also of note in today's relesae is the fact that Song of Horror Complete Edition is also now available through Steam. For $29.99 (USD), players can pick up every episode at once to play it from start to finish. Alternatively, you can pick up Episode 5 on its own by those that own at least Episode 1 for just $7.99. It's also a part of the Episodes 2-5 Bundle that includes 25% off of each episode for a total price of $19.96.

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Episode 5’s launch comes at a time when Song of Horror is currently amongst the best-rated horror games on Steam released in 2020, with more and more press and players alike recognising Protocol Games’ debut as one of the genre’s best newcomers.

“For us at Raiser Games, Song of Horror stands as a story of how a couple of inspired young horror fans learned how to develop videogames just so they could create their vision: a game where horror is unpredictable, and surprises you every time you play,” says Pablo de la Nuez, Managing Director at Raiser Games. “They never stopped fighting during the game’s six years of development to overcome all the barriers, even when some of them would discourage even the most experienced of studios. They dedicated themselves completely to achieve their dream - a dream we are very proud to be part of.”

Episode 5 features:
  • The former patients of Jeremy Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital now haunt its eerie hallways, enthralled by The Presence's pull. Dive into the mind of the only person that listened to the song and survived to live another day through the unsettling memories of her doctor!
  • Lidia properly joins the adventure! She is Daniel’s guardian angel and responsible for helping him overcome his alcoholism. Her selfless drive pushes her to help Daniel once again, this time with a different kind of problem.
  • Witness the conclusion of your favorite characters and greet unexpected guests from the past. Their survival depends on your final actions in the story!
  • A bone-chilling epilogue that changes everything. Song of Horror's last verse holds the final key to the story. How and why are The Presence and The Song connected? Will The Presence prevail over your characters.