Y'arr, thar be booty to plunder!
Sea of Thieves

Microsoft and Rare announced that Sea of Thieves is coming out on Steam on June 3. The game has been growing quite steadily over the past couple of years on the Xbox One and Windows 10, largely due to Xbox Game Pass, but now it's time for it to shine on Steam.

If you were wondering, the game has grown and gotten a number of substantial updates over the past couple of years. It is a far better and more content filled game than it was when it first launched. I know that was a big point of contention for a while at launch and for a short time after. Rare has released The Hungering Deep content, the giant Anniversary Update that introduced The Arena and introduced Tall Tales story missions into the game. There were then regular monthly content releases throughout 2019. Most recent was the release of Ships of Fortune in April 2020. The April update also added the game's most important feature: Cats.

Now, the game has grown to having some 10 million pirates setting sail on the high seas. They do battle against the elements, against enemy opponents, and sometimes even against each other. A new Steam release trailer was created that shows off a little bit of what the current state of the game is like in the here and now of 2020.

At launch, Sea of Thieves will go for $39.99 (USD) on Steam. Rare is still working on the game and today's announcement says that there will be "even more feature-packed updates on the horizon." The kind folks at Rare also released a detailed FAQ that should answer your remaining questions you may have for this Steam release. Here are the first few questions and their answers, just go give a little sample of the questions that are answered.

You can also find out more on the game at the Sea of Thieves website.

Do I need an Xbox Live account to play?
To be able to play this game, users will need to sign in when prompted with an Xbox Live account. If you already play on Xbox Live or Windows 10, simply sign in with the account linked to your Xbox gamertag! If you need to set up an Xbox Live account, head over to https://www.xbox.com/live, click ‘Create an Account’ and follow the instructions. Please note that it is free to create an Xbox Live account, and playing Sea of Thieves on Steam will not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Do I have to be running Windows 10 to play?
Yes. For this game to work, users must be running the Windows 10 operating system.

Is the Steam version included in cross play?
Yes! Players will be able to crew up and play together regardless of which platform they’re on, so those already playing on Xbox One and Windows 10 will be able to play with friends on Steam.

Will game progress carry over to Steam?
Yes! Your ranks, cosmetics and currency will all be there after you sign into your Xbox Live account, meaning you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off. Previously earned achievements will automatically unlock on Steam too.