Set sail for meow.
Sea of Thieves Ships of Fortune

The April update for Sea of Thieves was just detailed. The update, entitled "Ships of Fortune" will arrive on April 22 for all players on the Xbox One, Windows 10, and the Xbox Game Pass. As with other updates, this update is free to everyone.

Of the notable additions in this update, Ships of Fortune will add an all-new element to trading companies. Pirates will get to serve as emissaries and collect bonus loot in addition to exclusive rewards. Reaper's Bones are also being added as an all-new company. The Arena will see an overhaul. Treasure maps in the Arena will reportedly be replaced with a single chest and a cash-in location to make the action a bit more frantic.

More importantly, this update adds in cats.

The other new content is all well and good, but what's this about cats? That's right, the Pirate Emporium will now have three different breeds of cats that you can acquire. There is the Wildcat, Ragamuffin, and Mau. Each breed also comes in a variety of colors so that you can find the purr-fect (hahaaaa) feline friend for your pirate and ship.

That's pretty cool already, but it gets better. You will also be able to dress up your cat. There is the regal Sovereign outfits and also some special Legendary outfits. There are bundle deals in the Emporium that you can pick up. I'm not exactly up on Sea of Thieves, so I have no idea just how quickly players will be able to accumulate enough in-game coins to purchase what they want from the Emporium. As is the case with many other in-game stores, the Emporium also accepts real-money microtransactions if you don't want to grind out for a cat.

If you don't care about the cat, you should still head on over to today's Xbox Wire news posting about the Ships of Fortune update. The developers gave a nice overview of the actual game changing content that players care about most.

The team at Rare also briefly reconfirmed that Sea of Thieves is coming soon to Steam. So far, the Steam release doesn't yet have a set date, but I assume it won't be too long now.

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