It's not a very big announcement, at least not yet.
PGA Tour 2K21

2K just announced that they are working on PGA Tour 2K21. This announcement was made alongside a very short teaser trailer. That particular trailer can be found below. Try not to get too overloaded on this wealth of content here!

The full announcement is coming on May 14. You can always try going to the PGA Tour 2K21 website, but you won't exactly find much more information there yet either. There's a newsletter you can sign up for along with some social media links.

It is my understanding that this game is the latest entry from The Golf Club series. Of which, 2K published the most recent one, The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour. That title is a bit of a mess, so rebranding with the "2K" included in the name seems like a smart play here. This branding makes even more sense when you factor in that NFL 2K is making a return for 2021. Just toss all of the sports games under that "2K" naming convention builds up some good brand recognition.