For those looking for a FPS and melee combo action game.
Bright Memory key art

The 1.0 release of Bright Memory is now available on Steam and, having just left Early Access. This is a "high-octane, visually stunning FPS made by a solo developer at FYQD Studio." This is a bit of an odd release, so try to stick with me on this.

Bright Memory's 1.0 release includes some fixes and new content for this "full" release of the game. However, this still isn't the "complete" version of Bright Memory. That is still apparently coming later as Bright Memory: Infinite. However, everyone that owns Bright Memory will get a free copy of Bright Memory: Infinite later on. In addition, Bright Memory: Infinite is also slated to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in addition to the PC release of the game. Bright Memory: Infinite is aiming for a Q4 2020 release.

Bright Memory blends together traditional FPS gameplay with some first-person melee and special abilities. It's almost like playing a first-person Devil May Cry type of game in a way. You are doing battle against mythical beasts, futuristic enemies, and everything in between. You can execute combos on your foes by mixing together your gun with sword-based melee combat. Dashes and special abilities from your gloves can help to juggle foes and chain together attacks in a very flashy way.

Today's 1.0 release includes a new "Office Lady" skin for the main protagonist, Shelia. This brings the total amount of kins up to four. It also adds in five new subtitle languages: Latin American Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. There is also a new three-minute long gameplay video for the upcoming Bright Memory: Infinite included with this release.

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Takedown ancient mythical beasts and futuristic enemy soldiers alike in a stylish combo-focused sword and gunplay combat system. A precise dash and a pulse glove knocking enemies into the air enable extended combo chains to finish off threats with finesse and precision while racking up massive scores.

After the discovery of a strange substance capable of reviving the dead, a private military organization seeks to steal the life-giving breakthrough for its own maniacal ends. While defending the substance, Special Operative Shelia is warped along with the enemy squad to an island floating over the north pole where mythological creatures such as dragons and demons roam alongside resurrected human corpses.

“The input of players who have supported Bright Memory in early access has been invaluable in finding the right balance of myth and sci-fi as well as gameplay mechanics,” said Xiancheng Zeng, sole developer, FYQD Studio. “This update may be the last for this version of Bright Memory, but that just means I can pour all my efforts into the development of Bright Memory: Infinite to maximize the impact of its fast-paced combat and gorgeous ray-tracing.”