Celebrate the season of love with intense action and powerful mechs.

XSEED Games announced that a newcomer to the "giant ass-kicking mech" genre is less than two weeks away from release on PC. February 13 marks the release date for Daemon X Machina, a game that finds you fighting for humanity's future by taking control of a fully customizable mech. Prior to this upcoming PC release, the only place to play Daemon X Machina is the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch release seems to have earned itself some generally favorable reviews. The average critic score for Daemon X Machina on OpenCritic is 70%, though it's only recommended by 40% of all critics.

Though you are fighting for the future of humanity, you aren't a typical human. No sir, you are instead an "Outer," which is a new evolution of human that came about after a global catastrophe. The Outers are fighting against corrupt AIs known as "Immortals." You can recruit and hire other Outers to help you do battle against the Immortals. The mercenary Outers that you hire may end up working for others, even the Immortals, if the price is right.

The game features a number of missions throughout destroyed cities, deserts, massive facilities and the like. You can upgrade your mech's functionality or aesthetics by picking up new equipment and gear from your fallen enemies. There are also some online modes if the single player isn't for you. These include 1v1 or 2v2 modes alongside competitive leaderboards. There is also apparently a co-op mode in this game where up to four players team up to battle "Colossal Immortals" or explore randomly generated Immortal bases for "powerful rewards."

Pre-orders are already up for the game through Steam. All pre-purchases include a 20% discount off of the regular price of $59.99 (USD). This offer obviously lasts until the game is released on February 13 at 10AM (PT). This discount goes down to 10% for the actual week of release. It's being published by XSEED Games and developed by Marvelous Inc.

Those that decide to pick up the game early or through the first month of being released will get some bonus freebies. These free items include the following:
  • An Arsenal mech
  • Outer suits for their character
  • A set of five weapons
The "Prototype Arsenal Set" which contains a "Prototype Arsenal mech and Prototype Plugsuit outfit," will reportedly be available for purchase at a later date. The "Metallic Equipment Set," which contains 5 unique weapons and the Metallic Plugsuit outfit is only available as part of this early purchase freebie period. It will, and I quote, "never be sold separately."

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Welcome to your battlefield. DAEMON X MACHINA puts players in the cockpit in a fight for the future of humanity. Taking the role of an Outer, a new breed of human that emerged following a global catastrophe, players will suit up and pilot their fully customizable mechs, called Arsenals, on the front line of a desperate war for survival against corrupted AIs known as “Immortals.” Team up with fellow mercenaries in the Orbital organization to turn the tide, but be careful – mercenaries always have their price, and today’s allies can become tomorrow’s enemies.

Soar across the battlefield in an Arsenal mech to combat the Immortals wherever they appear – in crumbling cities, strange deserts, and inside of massive facilities. As players progress through missions they will be able to salvage new equipment from defeated enemies, providing more combat options ranging from laser swords to explosive artillery, and can customize their characters with a variety of cosmetic modifications and cybernetic upgrades that grant new skills. Players can also participate in online 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 Versus Modes with competitive leaderboards for top mercenaries, or team up for Co-op Modes, allowing up to four players to team up to take on Colossal Immortals or explore randomly generated Immortal bases for powerful rewards.