Obsidian is about to bring its dark humor RPG to the Nintendo Switch.

Come March 6, Nintendo Switch owners will get to play the latest release from Obsidian Entertainment. The Outer Worlds and its unique blend of action, dark humor, and RPG focused gameplay will all remain intact from the game's prior release on PC and other consoles.

The game prides itself on allowing players to "play the way you want," so long as you don't want something too weird. The writing is fantastic, as one would come to expect in a release from Obsidian. Keep in mind that they are the same studio that developed Fallout: New Vegas. While this game isn't quite as free-form as New Vegas is, it gets pretty damn close at times.

The Outer Worlds will retail for $59.99 (USD) at launch on the Switch. There will be a physical release option, but uh... it's just for the box and a code to download it. Yeah, there's no physical media for this one. The only thing in the box will be a code for you to download the game to your Switch. If you want to just cut out the middleman, you should probably just buy directly from the Nintendo eShop once it's available.

While the link for the eShop release isn't available yet, what is available is an affiliate link so that you can pick the game up from the Epic Games Store on PC. Wow, look at that affiliate link. I sold my soul off ages ago, so have at it. If you want to wait for alternatives on the PC, The Outer Worlds should be coming to Steam and other digital retailers later this year. You can also always just take advantage of Xbox Game Pass for PC to play the game. That's honestly your smartest bet right now.

The Outer Worlds - Switch box art