Scare up some deals.
Steam Halloween Sale 2019

In case you were unaware, the Steam Halloween Sale is now live through, well, Steam. This sale runs from now through to November 1 at 10AM (PT). During this sale over 13,000 games will be on sale. These include some "top horror games" as well as other best selling titles, VR games, and more.

There's also a bunch of creepy, spooky content added to a bunch of these games because it's Halloween. You can check out the entire Steam Halloween Sale by clicking on the words Steam Halloween Sale at any point in this article.

Some of the recommendations I can make include Vampyr for 66% off, Prey (the new one) at 50% off, the Resident Evil 2 remake at 50% off, Little Nightmares at 75% off, and Darkwood at 60% off. Those are just a few. There are a lot more great games there for horror fans.