Here are the game releases for October 8, 2019.
John Wick Hex

What's this? Is this a quickhits? Is this a newsbites? Sure, whatever you want to call it, this is it. Let's take a quick look at the games that were released today that I was made aware of due to a press release hitting my Inbox.

John Wick Hex is out today on PC and Mac exclusively through the Epic Games Store. The game is $19.99 (USD) when you use affiliate code "zips" at checkout. It's $19.99 even without that code.

Created in close cooperation with the creative and stunt teams behind Lionsgate’s hit franchise, every move in John Wick Hex hits like a scene from the movies, letting you feel like the legendary assassin himself. Each action you choose has risks and consequences, and every weapon changes the tactics at hand. Ammo is finite and realistically simulated, so time your reloads and make each decision count.

Build a sexual pleasure palace in Conan Exiles with today's release of The Debaucheries of Derketo DLC for the game. This content is $9.99 (USD) and includes new building pieces, new armor, new emotes, new outfit pieces, and more. This paid content is out now alongside a free update that adds in the Wine Cellar dungeon.

Build a luxurious pleasure house in the tree-tops, connected to a bustling tavern by a rope bridge. Decorate your home with an exquisitely crafted chess set, scarlet curtains and wine racks, and prepare yourself for battle with the new and intimidating Dark Templar armor set. The Debaucheries of Derketo DLC lets you throw your prudence aside and give in to your darkest and innermost desires.

The Jaws of Oblivion content is out today for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. This content is out now for the PC version of the game. Android and iOS updates will "follow soon." This content adds 75 new cards inspired by The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Jaws of Oblivion welcomes the nostalgia of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion into Legends along with a new mechanic — Invade — two new pre-made decks to get you rolling, a new playmat and more. Jaws of Oblivion card packs are available now for purchase in-game. Will you close shut the Jaws of Oblivion or let chaos run rampant?

BurgerTime Party! is out today for the Nintendo Switch. The eShop version is $19.99 (USD) while the physical release is going for $29.99. This is a modern spin on the classic BurgerTime experience you or your parents knew as a kid. There is support for up to 4-players in cooperative and competitive modes.

DATA EAST’s 1982 arcade classic is back and better than ever with all-new challenges for Chef Peter Pepper. Fire up the grill and play through over 100 sizzling stages that put players’ culinary skills to the test with bite-sized puzzles and common kitchen hazards like crumbling floors, freezing ladders, and malfunctioning conveyer belts, all while evading edible enemies attempting to thwart players’ efforts.

Finally, Call of Cthulhu is out now on the Nintendo Switch today for $39.99 (USD). You play as a detective trying to unravel the mysteries of the quiet, yet creepy, island of Darkwater. Be sure to check out our review of Call of Cthulhu from its PC release back in late 2018.

An official adaptation of Chaosium’s pen & paper RPG, Call of Cthulhu combines investigation gameplay with the unparalleled narratives of Lovecraft’s renowned Cthulhu mythos. What mysteries will you, as private investigator Edward Pierce, uncover on the too-quiet island of Darkwater off the coast of Boston?