The classic game about making burgers is back.
BurgerTime Party!

XSEED Games is ready to publish the return of a classic action game, BurgerTime. Developed by G-MODE, the latest in the BurgerTime franchise is called simply BurgerTime Party! It features some new gameplay mechanics, local co-op, and even a competitive mode. This game will release as a Nintendo Switch exclusive for $19.99 (USD) on the eShop or $29.99 from select retailers.

In BurgerTime, the core game focuses on making giant burgers while evading evil food items that are constantly chasing after you. You play as Chef Peter Pepper. The enemies are appropriately called the Food Foes.

Some of you out there may already be familiar with the premise behind BurgerTime. The original BurgerTime first came out back in 1982 in the arcades. It also saw releases on DOS, the Apple II, the NES, and Intellivision to name a few. Back then, the visuals were far more simplistic but the general idea behind the game has remained the same over all these years.

BurgerTime Party! does add a bit of spice to the core formula. It includes over 100 different levels to play through. Hazards like frozen ladders and flame-filled floors will try to stop your progress. There is also local multiplayer that allows for up to four players to work together in the co-op mode. Alternatively, players can assume control over the game's Food Foes in the Battle Burger mode. A leaderboard system in the game's Challenge Burger mode lets you compete against players from all around the world.

Despite the extreme violence portrayed against various food ingredients, BurgerTime! Party has been rated E for Everyone.

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About BurgerTime Party!
Chef Peter Pepper and the Food Foes return to serve up a fresh look and tons of new gameplay in this tasty reimagining of Data East's 1982 arcade classic! After firing up the grill for some action, new modes and items will have modern chefs thinking outside of the bun to solve bite-sized puzzles like crumbling floors, oil spills, and freezing ladders, all while evading edible enemies both old and new. Local multiplayer lets 2-4 friends cooperate as cooks or compete as cuisine across 100+ stages that will keep the fun from getting stale long past Mr. Hot Dog's expiration date. Now, let's get cooking!