More story, more gameplay, more innuendo.
Catherine: Full Body

Atlus just released Catherine: Full Body today for the PlayStation 4. This extended cut of the original Catherine features all-new story paths, new cutscenes, new stages, new gameplay modes, new endings, and more. It's perfect for those who wanted to get the original game but haven't yet done so.

Of course, there is a bit more to this release than just new story and new content. It also features improved visuals and music. This is in addition to enhanced multiplayer options. Catherine: Full Body now contains over 500 puzzles, or roughly double the amount found in the original release. A "Remix Mode" is also included that adds additional challenge to the already familiar puzzles.

And for those who don't like solving puzzles, or suck at them, there is a new "Safety Mode" that allows you to enjoy the story and skip any puzzle you find to be too hard.

Catherine: Full Body is available only on the PlayStation 4 at a price of $59.99 (USD). There is also a more pricey "Heart's Desire" Premium Edition of the game that is available for $79.99.

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Catherine: Full Body Features:
  • A Full-Bodied Remaster: The captivating tale of 2011's award-winning Catherine returns in Catherine: Full Body - bigger and better than before. Improved visuals and gameplay, brand-new music, enhanced multiplayer options, and much more await in this enticing new package.
  • From a Love Triangle to a Love Square: Explore brand-new branching story paths centering around the arrival of the mysterious amnesiac, Rin. Dozens of new cutscenes and animated cinematics have been added to delve even deeper into Vincent's complicated present life, as well as his past.
  • Puzzling Puzzles - If You Desire: Looking for a challenge? Catherine: Full Body contains over 500 puzzles, over twice that of the original game! Additionally, 'Remix Mode' adds complex linked blocks to once-familiar levels, requiring new techniques and strategies to conquer them.
  • It's Not Cheating: Just looking to enjoy the story? 'Safety Mode' gives players the option to skip any puzzle, letting you sit back and enjoy Vincent's tragic tale.

Voices as Smooth as Fine Wine
Catherine: Full Body features a number of brand-new cutscenes, animated cinematics, and entirely new branching story paths. ATLUS is happy to announce that the full main voice cast of the original Catherine will be making their return in this new installment, including:
  • Troy Baker as Vincent, our tormented main character
  • Laura Bailey as Catherine, the flirtatious and bewitching girl of Vincent's dreams
  • Michelle Ruff as Katherine, Vincent's long-term girlfriend with plans of settling down
  • Also, introducing Brianna Knickerbocker as Catherine: Full Body's new central character, Rin, who suddenly shows up in Vincent's life one day, potentially changing his life forever
  • ...and many more!