SWERY delivers the unfortunate news.
The Good Life

SWERY, the creator and director for The Good Life delivered word today that the game has been pushed back until Spring 2020. This information came via the latest update on the game's Kickstarter page.

The game has been in active development for over a year at this point. It was originally intended to be released in late 2019, Q4 2019 to be more precise. Development on The Good Life began after it met and then surpassed its Kickstarter goal of ¥68,000,000, or about $625,000. It ended up raising nearly $745,000 once the campaign ended.

The idea behind the game is that it's a "debt repayment daily life RPG." Players assume the role of Naomi, a journalist from New York who moves to a little British town called Rainy Woods in an effort to pay off her massive debt. As you are a journalist, you can begin paying off that debt by taking pictures of events happening around town and reporting on them. Naturally, this town isn't all that ordinary and you will encounter stories of mystery, horror, and humor.

A comparison video and some updated screenshots of the game are available from the latest Kickstarter update. Some of the mentioned updates include gardening gameplay, new items, visual upgrades, more background details, a larger map area, and more.

Additional story details were revealed back in May 2018 in a story trailer that was released.