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Doom login

Earlier today, the first three Doom titles were revealed to be coming to all current consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. They are available right now for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. A mobile release is also coming soon for the first two titles.

Hey, that's great news! Those are some spectacular games that everyone should play at some point. Ah, but there's a catch and it's a weird one at that.

You need to log in at least once with a account to play these games. Allegedly, you need to only login once for both Doom I and Doom II. This login occurs before you even play the iconic first levels of the games. In the case of Doom III, you need to be logged in every time you play in order for all of the features to be made available.

This was first spotted by Nibel from ResetEra and confirmed by Kotaku (see screenshot above).

This would maybe make some sense if the first games included online multiplayer, but they don't. Each game only offers local multiplayer and, outside of that initial login, there is no online component to those games.

This seems to go hand in hand with another odd account requirement: In order to utilize the Buddy Pass system in the just released Wolfenstein: Youngblood, your non-game owning partner needs to log in with their account. If you bought the game through the client itself, that would make sense. However, this is also required for the Steam release of the game. I witnessed this first hand last night. My friend would not show up under the list of potential players until he signed in to his account. We both had the game downloaded through Steam.