Pixels and platforming.
Million to One Hero

Over the Top Games announced today that Million to One Hero has left Early Access today and is now a fully released game. Million to One Hero is an "eccentric pixelated platformer" that includes an in-game editor that allows you to create your own adventures.

Players can make quests, add NPCs, add dialog, and even change the music or climate of each of their levels. Use it to share your own stories with the world.

Million to One Hero is out today on PC and supports WIndows, Mac, and Linux. There is even a free demo available that allows you to try the in-game editor to see some of the possibilities. Both the game itself and the free demo ("Download Demo" button on right side of page) can be found on Steam. The game usually goes for $14.99 (USD) but is 10% off for the launch week.

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Since childhood, Epicus has dreamed of being a glorious hero. He has trained hard to one day be remembered throughout history. But things are not easy in Ancient Greece: because of heroes like Odysseus, Jason and, specially, Heracles and his famous 12 labors, there are almost no important feats left to achieve. This all changes when Epicus meets Chronos, God of Time, and is presented with a unique opportunity: to go in an epic adventure that, if successful, will make him the greatest hero of all times.

  • New content every day thanks to the creation tools we provide.
  • Levels of all types: skill, speed, puzzles.
  • Create levels easily. There are also tools for the more advanced users: logic gates, quests items, character dialogs, sound fx, etc.
  • Create your own adventure! Choose the world map, tell your story!
  • Share your creations with your friends, receive votes, be the most glorious creator.
  • Leaderboards that track your progress. Speedrun friendly.
  • Official content: levels and adventures created by the devs and with a fun storyline and tongue-in-cheek humor.