There are now more VR spy puzzles to solve.
I Expect You to Die

An all new level was released today for I Expect You to Die, the VR spy puzzle game from Schell Games. This DLC is being offered up to everyone that owns the game at the low price of free. That's right, this new level can be downloaded and played right now without having to spend a penny.

You, as a super secret spy agent are placed into the "Seat of Power" in Dr. Zor's boardroom. Here, you will be put to the ultimate test. You must retrieve Dr. Zor's super secret information and safely escape. You will have to make use of stealth to make your way through the environment without raising any alarms.

I Expect You to Die is a VR puzzle game where you take on the role of various secret agents. Levels will task players with surviving deadly situations that they will need to spy their way out of. I Expect You to Die is $24.99 (USD) and can be purchased from Steam (currently 30% off), PlayStation Store, the Oculus Store, and the Windows Store.

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