Classic 90s FPS has a new name.
Ion Fury

Ion Maiden billed itself as an "old-school FPS" similar in style to the classic games from the 90s. It entered into Early Access a little while back and it plans to exit Early Access on Thursday, August 15. On that date, the game will toss round after round on the PC, with console releases on the Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One coming later.

The game is being developed by Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms and 1C Entertainment. Only, there's just one problem. It won't be called Ion Maiden. As you can probably guess, a band with a strikingly similar name took legal issue with Ion Maiden. The legal issue resulted in a wee $2 million lawsuit against the game. I can only assume early 19th century torturers may have also been a little bit peeved at the name.

In order to avoid that whole mess, Ion Maiden is being renamed to Ion Fury. You can presently pick up Ion Fury through Steam Early Access in English for $19.99 (USD). The price is expected to increase to $24.99 starting on July 18, so you may want to pick it up now before that happens. The game has reportedly been updated quite a bit since its initial Early Access release way back in February 2018.

There will be a $59.99 (USD) physical release also coming this August. Details on that can be found below.

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Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison finally has a deadly date on her calendar with Dr. Jadus Heskel and his army of cyber-cultists. With signature weapons including her Loverboy revolver and Bowling Bombs, every cyborg she sees is about four seconds away from being nothing but gibs n’ gore.

Lovingly crafted in the Build engine which powered ‘90s classics such as Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and Shadow Warrior, Ion Fury fuses nostalgic looks with today’s technology to create the ultimate shooter. Modern features like auto-saves, improved physics and map interactivity, headshots, and widescreen functionality simply weren’t possible back then, but Ion Fury brings the best of both worlds.

To celebrate the sheer madness of a modern shooter made in the Build engine, Shelly’s getting the Big Box she deserves. This edition includes a Bowling Bomb-shaped USB Drive loaded with a DRM-Free version of the game and Soundtrack, a poster, a keycard based on the ones Shelly finds in-game, a making-of booklet, a Bowling Bomb sticker set, and of course Ion Fury, all for $59.99.