Make backups.
Planet Explorers

Planet Explorers is an older title from the same development studio that brought us the relaxing and enjoyable My Time at Portia. Planet Explorers came out in late 2016 from Pathea Games. It is an open-world sandbox RPG. It had the usual stuff that players have come to expect from open-world sandbox games. There were survival elements, combat, building, crafting, and the sort. The game's primary focus was a Story Mode that was a-ok for those seeking that sort of a single player experience.

However, the game also promised multiplayer and, for a time, it was included with the game. Players could hop in for some co-op together. Jolly cooperation and all that, yeah? Well, from what I can gather, this all came crumbling down in early May when the "server of Planet Explorers" apparently crashed. When it did, it took the multiplayer lobby system down with it.

But wait, it gets worse. According to the devs at Pathea Games, they lost some server code in the crash. In fact, they say that there "was more loss than (they) anticipated." They said they had someone working on it and had hoped to have multiplayer back up soon. That was in early June.

This past week, the team threw in the towel on their recovery efforts.

After trying to fix it for the last month, we've arrived at the unfortunate conclusion that it's a lost cause unless we completely rewrite the code from scratch. We used a software called U-link for PE, and that software is now defunct. Even if we had the original U-link code, we still don't have the configurations and additional code we wrote back in 2013. Under the circumstances, we just don't have the resources to rewrite the multiplayer code for PE. We're truly sorry for this.
They continue on to say that since the game is no longer the "complete package" that the team originally envisioned, they will make the game free. They are also going to try to make the game code available online if possible. They also note that they will instead focus on making Planet Explorers 2. They hope to make an alpha for that available as a branch of Planet Explorers when the time comes.

Some fans are understandably upset by this with some skeptics saying that this was done intentionally to have an "out" when it comes to providing any further support on the title. Most everyone else is left wondering just how there were apparently zero backups made of something that seems to have been quite critical to a major part of the game.