Nintendo doing Nintendo things again.
Super Mario Maker 2

Some new details came out recently for Super Mario Maker 2 that has ruffled more than a few feathers. The earlier trailers for the game showed off what looked like cooperative gameplay as both Mario and Luigi made their way through a variety of custom made levels.

Naturally, fans had expected that you and a friend would be able to tackle these custom Mario levels together online. Or, at the very least, you and a friend would be able to go head-to-head in a competitive race. "Not so fast," says Nintendo! According to the company, you will not be able to play with friends online in Super Mario Maker 2. If anything, you will only get to play with random people.

You will only be able to play with your friends locally or through local wireless play.

Nintendo's reason for this lies in the fact that there are global leaderboards included in the game. They feel that the matchmaking for competitive play would be "compromised" if you could play against friends. This also extends to co-op play as well, but their reasoning falls apart here since there is no leaderboard for cooperative play.

So this really just begs the question: What the hell are you doing, Nintendo‽ Why is your online situation just so completely behind the times compared to literally every other platform out there? You're going to use the excuse of "messing up leaderboards" as the reason you can't play this game with friends online? You couldn't just make it so recording for leaderboards is disabled when playing with friends? This kind of completely obvious feature has been common in games on consoles and PC for years now.

This can obviously be something that is added in after the game's release, but there's near zero reason why it isn't something that is implemented from the very start.

(via Nintendo World Report)