Sale includes free games every week and pre-order discounts.
Epic Mega Sale

The Epic Games Store just kicked off its own multi-week long sale today. This sale finds discounts of up to 75% off of some titles. It also includes discounts on pre-orders for games like John Wick Hex, Borderlands 3, or Control. Just to name a few.

The way this sale works is this: Some games that are already out are on sale for up to 75% off. Other games that don't have a percentage off will be at least $10 off if their regular price is $14.99 and higher. On top of this, there will be a free game given out every week of the sale. The first free game for this week is Stories Untold. It must be noted that this sale is not for stuff like add-ons or in-game purchases.

If you purchased a game between May 2 and May 15, Epic will refund you the difference in price between what you paid and what you would have paid during this sale. Those who pre-ordered a game prior to May 16 for $14.99 or above will also get a $10 refund. These refunds will be sent out in the next 7-12 days.

A lot of people outside of the US are claiming they're getting much better deals on some games. So, your mileage may vary on how much you'll end up paying for games like:

GAME Regular Price (USD) Sale Price (USD)
Hades $19.99 $6.99
World War Z $34.99 $19.99
Subnautica Below Zero $19.99 $9.99
Ashen $39.99 $19.99
Satisfactory $29.95 $19.95
Shakedown Hawaii $19.99 $9.99
The Walking Dead: The Final Season $19.99 $4.99
Metro Exodus $49.99 $34.99

Obviously these are just some of the games. There are others that get at least the $10 off base discount like Tom Clancy's The Division 2 that don't even show up on the main store page, nor do they show up via Epic's very broken search feature. If you know a game is on the Epic Games Store but you can't find it, just use Google to search for it. It's way easier.