Time to bust out those rose tinted glasses.
World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard officially announced today that World of Warcraft Classic will be released this year. The re-release of the classic game is based off of the 1.12.0 version of the game that originally came out in late 2006. Though the release of Classic will include some "modern conveniences," it will largely still be the old WoW that you know and remember loving.

The release date is set for August 27, but some players will get to partake of the old-timey action a bit earlier. Starting the week of May 22, some of those with an active WoW subscription will be invited to partake in some stress tests for WoW Classic. The full schedule can be found here.

It should be important to note that while the worldwide release is set for August 27, those in the Americas will actually get to play starting August 26 at 6PM (ET).

WoW Classic release times

Blizzard also announced that they have planned a series of 15th anniversary celebratory events for those playing the current version of World of Warcraft. These will all lead up to the release of a new 25-person event raid. This raid will bring back boss fights against some of the game's "iconic" foes. The reward will be a mount that is inspired by Deathwing.

Also of note is the upcoming release of the 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft. That will be released on October 8. You can pre-order it now from the Blizzard storefront for $99.99 (USD). It includes a statue of Ragnaros, game time, and other goodies.