DMC5 Bloody Palace

Capcom announced today that the free Bloody Palace Mode for Devil May Cry 5 will be released on April 1.

No, this isn't an early April Fools joke. They actually make sure to point this fact out in the press release.

Bloody Palace Mode has been a fan favorite and has been included in every Devil May Cry game aside from the first game. It's a bit like a wave-based game mode that has enemies that grow in strength the further along you go.

Attention demon hunters! Prepare to get downright demonic because Bloody Palace Mode will be available as a free update to all Devil May Cry 5 owners starting April 1, 2019 – this is not an early April’s fools joke.

Bloody Palace is a survival mode that pits you against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies and bosses whilst racing against the ticking timer. Play as Dante, Nero or V in Bloody Palace Mode through multiple levels of enemies and truly test your SSStylish skills.
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