PUBG Anti-Cheat

Today, the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds team provided a letter from the developer that talks about their ongoing anti-cheat efforts. Their letter covers a wide range of anti-cheat related topics such as how they have improved their cheat detection methods to their increases in taking legal action against cheaters.

The devs note that try to "maintain a much higher level of security than other games." Despite the devs saying that this is a "quick update" on their anti-cheat measures, it's actually quite the in-depth look at what they try to do to combat cheating. Though I'm sure there will be many in the comments there saying how it's still not enough.

Let's just take a little look at some of the legal action they've taken in the past few months alone.

Increased Legal Action
Hack programs that hinder a fair game environment are important to block, but those who develop, promote, and sell hack programs should always be a primary target as well. To prevent the spread of hack programs, we are working with law enforcement authorities and overseas offices to take strong legal actions both at home and abroad. Below is the outcome of the legal actions taken in 2018, and for the CN region, it is a result of close cooperation with Tencent.
  • Arrested 41 in Lianyungang, China in January, 2018
  • Arrested 3 in Huai'an, China in February, 2018
  • Arrested 11 in Xiangyang, China in February, 2018
  • Arrested 141 in Nanjing, China in April, 2018
  • Arrested 1 in Huai'an, China in April, 2018
  • Arrested 6 by Daejeon Metropolitan Police Agency, Korea in August, 2018
  • Arrested 1 in Wenzhou, China in September, 2018
  • Arrested 3 in Tangshan, China in October, 2018
  • Arrested 34 in Wenzhou, China in October, 2018
  • Arrested 11 by Yangcheon Police Station, Korea in October, 2018

In addition to the outcomes mentioned above, we are currently investigating hack programs sales with The Korean National Police Agency, law firms, and copyright protection agencies along with tracking the hack developers themselves. We will keep you updated as new investigation results become available.