World War 3 roadmap
Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving" quite like an update to a game called World War 3! All jokes aside, World War 3 did receive an update today and that update added in the Team Deathmatch game mode. The development team also provided a roadmap of the current plans for Early Access.

There's a bit more in this update besides the addition of Team DM, so let's take a look at the overview for the latest update first.
Update 0.2The patch also addresses many of the most common problems and implements the following fixes:

The Farm 51 says that this is the "first of many milestones (they) have planned for the development during Early Access," which leads me to share with you the roadmap for World War 3.

If interested, you should know that World War 3 is 10% off as part of the Steam Autumn Sale.