PlayStation 4 6.00 Firmware
The 6.00 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 was released today and it brings with it a whole lot of... improved performance.

That's it.

That's literally it.

There are no other points in the changelog. I don't even have a link for this news article. So, have a link to the PlayStation website instead.

Having been in the beta now for the past few weeks, I can verify that there are no actual forward facing changes in this update for end users.

The rumor is that this update lays the foundation for name changes finally coming to the PlayStation platform, but who knows. We may see this announcement come during Sony's PSX event, if that even happens this year. You see, they would have to announce that PSX is happening before we can say for sure if it's actually happening or not, and they have yet to announce anything for 2018.

Anyway, go get that performance improving update.