MapleStory 2
People love MapleStory. I've never played this MMORPG but I'm assuming from its name that it's a mix of tree or syrup lovers and those who enjoy a good story.

Whatever the case really is, Nexon America announced today that Ocotber 1 is the launch date for MapleStory 2. More maples, more stories.

A beta is currently underway for the game. Plus, and get ready for this one, there will be a stand alone version of MapleStory 2's battle royale mode. There will be a little taste of that action starting tomorrow.

Sure, why not.

You can check out this older PAX West trailer for MapleStory 2, because that's the most recent footage we have for that game. I say "older" PAX West trailer because while the video came out on August 1, PAX West isn't being held until August 31.

Oh MapleStory, you so crazy!