World of Warships 0.7.7
Sharks vs. Eagles is a new event that was just announced for World of Warships and it is slated to arrive alongside the 0.7.7 update. Now, according to the World of Warships website, the update is already out? It seems to have come out about five days ago. I'm only seeing this update and the Sharks vs. Eagles mode now, so uh... hey, whatever!
In Sharks vs. Eagles, players choose to fight for either competing team, earning points by winning battles and completing missions. At the end of each day, the points earned will be converted to containers that are delivered to each team. These containers hold extra supplies, cosmetics, coal (in-game currency) and more!

Sharks vs. Eagles also adds a new Loyalty feature to World of Warships, where players can be bribed by the other team to abandon their comrades and fight alongside their foes. By switching sides, players will earn bonuses, but, by staying loyal to their team, players can also earn special event tokens, which they can exchange for team flags, patches, containers and unique camouflage paint jobs for their warships.

Along with the new event, which is part of Update 0.7.7, there are several changes and additions being made to World of Warships.The biggest changes come in operations Narai and Raptor Rescue, both reworked from their original launch to offer more gameplay options and graphical updates. Operation Narai has players battling to secure a coastal landing zone for troops making an amphibious landing, while Operation Raptor Rescue has players taking control of support ships that must escort the Raptor, a massive aircraft carrier, as it attempts to break out of a blockaded Naval base.