Uncharted 2018 - Nathan Fillion
For years, fans have said, "Nathan Fillion would be the perfect actor to portray live-action Nathan Drake from Uncharted!" I mean literally years this has been said. It didn't hurt that they both somewhat sound alike and they sure as hell look alike.

So when Nathan Fillion teased some Uncharted reveal for today, it set the fans into a little frenzy. What could it be? We already know Fillion (currently) doesn't have anything to do with the professional Uncharted film that is being worked on. But what if a fan made a film...?

That's precisely what the tease was all about. Nathan Fillion is Nathan Drake in Uncharted, a fan-made short film that will make every single person that wanted this exact thing to happen lose their collective minds.

Fillion shared this with his Instagram followers today.

In case it needs to be stated: This is in no way an official creation from Naughty Dog or Sony. This is all fan made.