"Whoop whoop, that is the sound of the police" is what you could be saying about yourself if you were to pick up Flashing Lights today on Steam Early Access. Flashing Lights is a game where you can be a police officer, a firefighter, or a paramedic and it can be yours for $14.99 (USD) plus a special launch week discount.

Oh, and there is online multiplayer.
Enroll with the police, emergency medical services or fire department and take on missions unique to each service in an open world. Engage in desperate car chases, diagnose life-threatening injuries, and put out lethal fires! Each department has its own vehicles and equipment for you to operate while on duty. Play in single player, or work together with friends in online multiplayer to tackle incidents across a shared world.

Take a look at the trailer here (seen below) for a peak at the game's open world, online multiplayer, and gameplay across all three playable departments. As a police officer, players will use a speed radar, pull over suspects and utilise a high-tech on-board computer. As a firefighter, players will be putting out raging fires with a fire extinguisher and a water hose, as well as using the heavy-duty jaws of life to rip apart car doors and rescue those trapped inside. As an EMS specialist, players will find themselves first to respond to life-threatening accidents, using a first aid kit and a stretcher to treat patients.

And that's not all Flashing Lights has to offer - this is just the starting point. After Flashing Lights has launched in Early Access the game's mechanics will be built upon considerably, and the open world will continue to be expanded and improved.

The team behind Flashing Lights already has a roadmap for some of the planned content coming during this Early Access release. These include more missions, better multiplayer, customization, and more.