Steel Rats Debut Screenshots and Gameplay Trailer


  • Steel Rats Debut Screenshots and Gameplay Trailer

    Tate Multimedia has revealed the first ever look at the gameplay for their upcoming motorcycle combat racing game, Steel Rats.
    Having just won the award for ‘Best Gameplay’ at the Game Connection Development Awards during GDC week, Steel Rats is now ready to be revealed to the world in greater detail. This new look showcases the advanced bike physics, explosive motorbike combat and revolutionary 2.5D exploration that allows vertical riding and the seamless changing of lanes, creating a unique sense of depth on every level. Combined, these elements create a new and fresh gameplay style that defines the game. Wreck and ride as part of the larger-than-life punk biker gang that is the Steel Rats, choose from a selection of unique characters to play as, and unlock new special abilities along the way.

    Steel Rats was announced last November for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It features 2.5D style visuals, lots of combat, lots of stunt, all of which is set in a "visually stylized retro future world." Those who are going to PAX East this week will get to check out the game in the main hall at booth #21010.

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