Starting on February 19, PC players will get dedicated servers in For Honor. Rollout of dedicated servers for the console versions of the game will begin "soon after" the PC version gets dedicated servers. There will obviously be more concrete details as that mysterious date draws more near.

For Honor was released in February 2017 though its popularity came and went like a flash in a pan. This could very well be a case of "too little, too late" by a factor of almost a year.

However, for those that are still playing, you may be interested to hear about what's coming in the fifth season of competition dubbed "Age of Wolves."
In addition to dedicated servers, Age of Wolves will deliver major updates to five Heroes as well as several updates that will adjust player progression, ranked play and more. Celebrating the anniversary of the game, the launch of Age of Wolves will also coincide with the start of a three-week special seasonal event during which players will get the opportunity to earn extra rewards. New training modes that will offer new and veteran players additional ways to hone their skills will be introduced to For Honor later on during Season Five.

More details on this will be shown off on Twitch on February 8 at 7PM UK time.