I just saw this one over at PC Gamer. It seems as though a new cheat is making the rounds for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that allows the user to not only instantly heal themselves but also instantly revive their downed teammates.

The clip below was originally shared on Reddit by user MagicIsBull. In it, you can see the kill cam footage of a player that not only near instantly revives his teammate but also near instantly heals himself right after.

Both of these actions are supposed take several seconds each. During this time, the player is unable to perform any other action, such as fighting back, until the heal or revive is completed less they want to start the action over again. Obviously removing this sort of delay removes much of the risk associated with healing or reviving a fallen teammate.

One user's response to the Reddit thread says that the instant healing and instant revive cheat has been around "for months." If this is indeed the case, it was perhaps harder to see this in action when compared to the far more obvious auto-aim and wall hacks that are out there in force for the game.

There is little doubt that this will only stoke the fires that are lit under the butts of the very vocal PUBG community that is calling for a region lock on Chinese players. Don't believe me? Then feel free to look at the comments for ANY of the recent Steam news posts for PUBG, such as the ones seen in the latest news post from January 19.