Last week, news started to spread that the developer of Marvel Heroes, Gazillion, would be closing up shop and shutting down their once popular action-RPG title, Marvel Heroes. The initial plan was to let the team and the game continue on until the end of 2017.

It seems those plans have abruptly changed. Multiple sources have said that Gazillion was shut down today, on the eve of Thanksgiving. Marvel Heroes itself will now come to a rapid and unceremonious conclusion on Friday. That would be this Friday, November 24. This reveal came from sources that shared a termination letter written by CEO Dave Dohrmann.

The letter claims that "banking credits have effectively pulled the plug on the company." The staff that were laid off today have also had their benefits and accrued paid time-off revoked.

Andrew Hair, a (now former) gameplay engineer at Gazillion seems to confirm the story that broke first at Massively Overpowered.

Layoffs are never great, but to happen literally the day before Thanksgiving? That's a new level of cruel. We wish everyone at Gazillion the best of luck.