A double dose of Killing Floor related news to share with you today. First we have word that the Xbox One X enhanced update for Killing Floor 2 was released. Secondly, Killing Floor: Incursion was released today on the HTC Vive.

The Xbox One X enhancements contain the usual improvements to the base game. Naturally, this update is free to those that already own the game for the Xbox One platform.
Starting today, KILLING FLOOR 2 players and owners of the new console from Microsoft can look forward to clearing hordes of Zeds and bosses with enhancements for 4K support, increased resolution (1800p upscaled to 4K), increased performance, high resolution textures, shadow maps, and increased shadow-fade-out draw distance.


Killing Floor: Incursion is the VR Killing Floor title that was previously released for the Oculus Rift. It's out now for the HTC Vive via Steam.