Earlier today, Waypoint pointed out that a piece of Legendary gear in Destiny 2 bears a damn close resemblance to the "KEK" logo that has become a very popular symbol for white supremacist in the United States. Specifically, it's the "KEK" logo from the Kekistan flag. Yes, to most sane and rational people that probably sounds incredibly stupid, but it's actually a thing.
Without going into the long lineage of bullshit memes that are the signs and sigils of modern white supremacy's public face, the "Kekistan flag" combines a popular internet shorthand that became a symbol of white supremacist sympathies with the German military flag of Hitler's Third Reich. Drawing an explicit connection to Nazi violence was of course the point of the flag, allowing white supremacists to reskin the classic symbols of Nazism in a way that would fly under many people's radars, providing a bit of camouflage to their efforts to reassert themselves into public spaces and modern political discourse.

Which is why the flag was so prominently on display at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white supremacist aimed a car into a crowd of protesters and murdered one of them and injured dozens of others.

While obviously not identical, it's pretty damn hard to ignore the incredible similarities between the texture used for the gauntlets and a favorite symbol of white supremacists. Bungie issued an apology for what happened, saying that its use was not intentional. Still, I have to imagine there is a texture artist that might be looking for a new job soon.