We have a couple of nifty news items for you today concerning Quake Champions. First off, the game will enter into Early Access beginning August 22. This will take place on both Steam and the Bethesda.net Launcher.
The Champions Pack

There will be a free-to-play launching at a later date. I feel that this is important to emphasize here. Those who played in the closed beta will be able to continue playing Quake Champions as a free-to-play game via the Bethesda.net Launcher. You will play on the same servers as those with the Champions Pack, just without the added bonuses that come with it. Totally new players will just have to wait for the F2P release or buy in with the Champions Pack.

We also learned today that the DOOM guy is coming to Quake Champions. He's officially called "DOOM Slayer" but he'll always be the "Doom Guy" in my books. Let's see a bit about him along with the rest of what's coming when the game enters into Early Access next week.
Put a little DOOM in Your Quake!Quake Champions Early Access will also introduce a host of new content and features for players, including: