The 1.3 update for No Man's Sky is here! Among the many changes, improvements, and additions in this update are the beginnings of online multiplayer! Yes, nearly one year after the game launched and broke a lot of hearts, the team at Hello Games seems to have been super busy putting together one incredible update. Based on the changes in the 1.3 update, this could be one of the biggest turnarounds for a game I've yet seen.

Up to 16 people can now adventure together, exploring planets cooperatively. Hello Games says that this is only the beginning, so expect to see more improvements made to the multiplayer going forward. You can edit terrain. New portals will take you to and from distant planets without the need of your ship. Space combat has been given a major boost. You can now properly fly when close to the planets' surfaces. And much more.

Let's take a look at the 1.3 "Atlas Rises" update changelog.


If reading all of that didn't sell you, maybe seeing it all in action will do the trick.

The No Man's Sky 1.3 update weighs in at about 4GB on the PC. It is also available right now for the PlayStation 4 version.