Just like Saints Row IV, For Honor also has a free weekend through Steam until the 14th in addition to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will also be on sale for the weekend on all platforms.

The sale will take off 50% of the normal price on all platforms. This includes the Gold Edition that comes with the Season Pass. This sale lasts until August 20 on consoles and August 14 on PC.

Ubisoft has also detailed what's coming in Season 3 of For Honor.
New videos have arrived showcasing the new heroes and new maps that will be hitting For Honor at the start of Season 3 on August 15. The Gladiator is leaving the glory of the arena behind to fight for the Knight faction, bringing their trusty trident and buckler.

The Highlander has come to fulfill old oaths to the Viking faction, and his massive claymore is an intimidating sight to behold.

The new Sentinel map is set in the ruins of a Knight fortification, where only a tall tower remains intact. Deadly ballista emplacements give players an opportunity to shoot their opponents, but flanking routes make using these weapons a risky proposition.

The second new map, Viking Village, puts players in a seaside raiding settlement where the land slopes up from the docks to a foreboding hall on a hill. The threat here comes not just in your enemies, or the briny deep, but from a massive spiked barrel that can be released to roll down the hill and crush anyone in its path.

These maps will be free for all players on August 15. The Gladiator video is below. The rest of the videos can be found at the link listed prior.