Fictorum is a game where you are a wizard. You can sling powerful spells to defeat your foes or buildings, whichever is the bigger threat at the time. I'll save the bulk of the details for my upcoming review (should be within a day) and for the following press release information.
So does spell-slinging with reckless abandon catch your attention? Do you want to single-handedly take down an evil empire? Then here are three handy reasons why you need this one-man magic machine in your life:

ONETWOTHREE. No two adventures are the same as you traverse a procedurally generated world map on your hunt for the Grand Inquisitor. Stay one step ahead of the Inquisition forces as you chart your journey in the next evolution of the choose-your-own-adventure.

Game Features:

You can pick up Fictorum from either Steam or GOG for $19.99 (USD).