A bit over a week ago, the Grand Theft Auto mod tool, OpenIV, was shut down by Take-Two. This move spurred the ire of many gamers and resulted in about 50,000 negative reviews on Steam for Grand Theft Auto V. This brought the recent reviews to "Overwhelmingly Negative" and the overall review down to "Mixed."

Rockstar, the developers behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, have notoriously been supportive of single-player mods for their games. They have often given a community spotlight to some of those mods in the past. It should be unsurprising then to learn that Rockstar has updated their policy on mods following the blanket banning of all mods by parent company Take-Two.
Question: Are PC Single-Player Mods Allowed?


Shortly after this was updated yesterday, OpenIV was brought back from the dead. Users reported that opening up OpenIV resulted in their program being updated to the latest version (2.9.0, Build 907) instead of a message saying that it had ceased production. Added to the release is a special thanks to Rockstar Games in the program's "About" section. As a wild guess here, it seems as though Rockstar and Take-Two had a little discussion about this matter in the days prior. Rockstar may have swayed Take-Two to remove the cease and desist on OpenIV. Whether or not the review temper-tantrum thrown by the Grand Theft Auto V community had even the slightest impact on this outcome is certainly up for debate.

Of course, cheating tools for the game's multiplayer is still a big no-no, but that should go without saying.