E3 brought about a chance to get some public footage out for Destiny 2 running on the PC. Some of this footage comes from Nvidia directly while another video is from Planet Destiny.

Before we show those videos, it should also be noted that starting yesterday, if you picked up an Nvidia 10xx series card, you can get Destiny 2 for "free" along with early access to the PC beta. If you bought a 10xx series card before June 13 (like some people that may be writing this news post), then you're SOL. Keep in mind that not every retailer is participating in this promotion. Some retailers, like Amazon, do not participate in these promotions due to people gaming the system to get free keys.

Anyway, time for that gameplay footage from Destiny 2 on the PC running at 4K and 60FPS. Just a little reminder that all console versions are limited to 30FPS. Yes, all console versions.