The lid is now being blown off of Project Scorpio, the new Xbox console coming from Microsoft later this year. The first video from Digital Foundry takes a look at how Scorpio will improve both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. For those who can't sit through the entire video the key highlights are:
  1. Smoother performance and no screen-tearing (won't magically turn a 30fps game into a 60fps game however)
  2. Dynamic resolution titles will now run at the maximum possible resolution
  3. Improved texture filtering
  4. GameDVR supports high quality 4K 60FPS game recording
  5. Faster loading both for levels and texture streaming

They note that there is a catch here and that is a "very small percentage of titles" may run into compatibility issues with the new hardware. A more comprehensive explanation on all of these topics can be found in the video below or at Eurogamer.