Starting this Spring, Twitch will open up a new storefront that will sell games directly to streamers. In short, if you are a Twitch Partner you will soon be able to opt-in to this program that will add a "purchase" button below your stream. If you're playing a game that is available on the store, people can buy the game and you will get a 5% share of the revenue.

In addition, consumers also get a "special digital Twitch Crate filled with surprises." These surprises seem to include game specific emotes, a chat badge, or even some Bits. The contents of the Crates are randomly generated.

So what kind of games can you expect to buy? How will you play them?
Q. How do I download games I get on Twitch?
Games purchased on Twitch can be downloaded and played via the Twitch launcher, or through existing services like Uplay.

Q. How many/which games will be available at launch?

Ah, a Twitch launcher? That sounds great. The lineup of developers and publishers seems to be off to a good start at least. No matter where you live, you will be able to purchase games using your Amazon account, though all prices at the start of this will only be in USD.

But what about non-Twitch Partners?
An offer to buy a game or in game content will appear on all streamer channel pages when a game is being played that is offered for sale by Twitch. Only partnered streamers will be eligible to earn revenue through this program.

Of course.

You can find out more on this new initiative from Twitch here and additional details on their new storefront right here.