You may have seen recently that Nintendo is offering some rather pricey accessories for the upcoming Switch console. This begs the question then, "what would be a better use of your money besides these overpriced pieces of hardware?" For starters, you may want to hit up some online slots, right? If you're going to gamble with your money, you may as well try to make a little profit and have a little fun via the slots. If you're old enough, you should play free slots online. If you aren't yet old enough to play the slots, perhaps looking into a PC upgrade is a better route.

In the coming months, AMD is looking to jump back into the hearts and minds of gaming fanatics everywhere. Their new Ryzen processors are generating a lot of positive buzz already. Very early benchmarks show the Ryzen processors going toe-to-toe with Intel's i7 CPUs. Playing new online slots may not require a ton of CPU power but games like Fallout 4 by Bethesda, The Witcher 3 by CD Projekt RED, and Civilization VI by Firaxis Games all require beefy processors to maximize your framerates.

Intel has recently released their 7xxx line of desktop processors. Unfortunately, the minimal performance gains between, say, the i7-6700k and the i7-7700k may not be worth the upgrade for anybody but the most "bleeding edge" of PC build enthusiasts. The only silver lining here is AMD and Ryzen. Once those processors start to ship later this year, the competition should drive prices down for Intel hardware. Competition can be an amazing thing and it will be good to see the return of competitive CPU prices and advances after years of an Intel dominated market.

AMD is also readying their new GPUs that they have nicknamed Vega. Though little is known about the real world performance on Vega, but early details are very promising. Again, just like with the CPU market where it's facing off against Intel, AMD is looking to regain some of its lost ground in the GPU market against Nvidia. Both Vega and Ryzen are expected to be released later this year. As with the CPUs, this renewed competition should drive prices down across the board. Consumers are going to win big later this year and into 2018.

Whatever it is that you decide to do with your money, it's ultimately your choice. Spend the money on expensive Switch peripherals, play some online slots, or go with a nice, big PC hardware upgrade. It's totally your choice. Just remember to have fun with whatever you choose.