Steam ($9.99), iOS ($6.99), and Android ($6.99) as early as today. Playsoft offers up a digital version of Mysterium, a cooperative game that tasks players with solving a murder mystery. One player is a ghost trying to reveal the guilty character to the others, who play as a team of psychics. Sounds neat!

Sonny, is out now on iOS ($2.99) from Armor Games. This is an updated version of the old Flash game from 2007. You get more story, more features, better visuals, and more.

Rise & Shine ($14.99). This is in prep for tomorrow's launch on the Xbox One and Steam. The game is "part puzzler platformer, part arcade shooter," and will take you on a journey through time.

Styx: Shards of Darkness showcases the "Art of Stealth." This upcoming stealth adventure game is slated for release this March on the PS4, XB1, and PC. Those who pre-order through Steam get a 10% discount.

WWE 2K17 is finally coming to PCBOOR from Badland Games and Dazlog Studio brings 2D puzzle platforming to Steam ($4.99) on February 14. You play as a girl that can multiply herself to help herself solve puzzles throughout a variety of hand-drawn scenarios and over 80 levels.

Leaving Lyndow is coming to PC on February 8 from Eastshade Studios. In Leaving Lyndow, you play as Clara, a "young scientist who just joined the Guild of Maritime Exploration, on the last day in her hometown before a dangerous journey." This release will give players a glimpse into the upcoming open-world adventure game, Eastshade.

Towaga is a just released mobile (iOS, Android) game that aims to hit one million downloads and "challenge the little Italian plumber." Sunnyside Games gives you control of Chimu, "a powerful, masked character at the top of the legendary Towaga Tower, where you have to complete a dark and historic ritual that leads to the discovery of ancient worlds while you face up to monsters who are starved of light." You have a lot of "divine powers" to help you survive and platforms to tackle throughout the game.

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